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2018-05-17 (09:22:40)
WRL to HAnim X3D Conversion (2018-5-15 revised)

Procedure to obtain an H-Anim X3D character file using the Suwon H-Anim converter.

1. When creating an H-Anim character using MAX or Maya, make sure each object has a precise segment name based on the H-Anim LOA hierarchy.

2. If WRL segment names include numbers attached automatically by the MAX tool, remove all the numbers by using the WRL Cleaner program. The Cleaner program removes all the numbers simply.     

3. Export the H-Anim character file to a WRL file using a tool such as MAX or Maya.

4. Open the Suwon H-Anim converter.

5. Open the LOA1, LOA2, LOA3, and LOA4 H-Anim WRL file.

6. Provide an H-Anim X3D file name and click the LOA button.

7. Use any X3D viewer to display the H-Anim X3D character.

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