About Web3D Korea Introduction

The forum is intended to standardize Web3D information technology, including digital media, based on providing communication-oriented service in Korea.

The forum promotes the development and distribution of Web3D standardization technology along with the Web3D Consortium.

The forum promotes the development and distribution of standardized Web3D applications in ubiquitous networking environments.

Title : Web3D service standardization
(1) Web3D service
   Web3D data and API standardization
   Web3D human motion data standardization
   Web3D GIS data standardization
   Web3D medical visualization standardization
   Web3D e-learning standardization
   Web3D virtual reality life standardization
(2) Mobile media service
   Mobile 2D / 3D media standardization
   Mobile Web3D service API standardization
   Mobile Web3D data standardization
   Mobile Web3D user interface standardization