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2018-05-09 (22:32:07)
WRL to HAnim X3D Conversion (2018-5-8 revised)
Procedure to obtain an H-Anim X3D character file using the Suwon H-Anim viewer

1. When creating an H-Anim character using MAX or Maya, make sure each object has a precise segment name based on the H-Anim LOA hierarchy.
2. Export the H-Anim character file to a WRL file using a tool such as MAX or Maya.
3. Open the Suwon H-Anim viewer.
4. Open the LOA1, LOA2, LOA3, and LOA4 H-Anim WRL file using the File menu at the top of the viewer.
5. Provide an H-Anim X3D file name and click the "OK" button.
6. Use any X3D viewer to display the H-Anim X3D character.

Please note that only WRL to H-Anim X3D conversion works well, and other functions of the H-Anim viewer are necessary to be revised.
The complete version of the H-Anim viewer will be coming soon.
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